Rubrika: Community of Satan

The polish Declaration of Satan

The Holy Bible is just a Lie. God is dead. Jesus was human. Satan is just a symbol. Hell is a state of mind. Satanic faith We don´t believe in Satan. We don´t practice Magic. We don´t tolerate violence. We despite cultism. We don´t lead a war against christian believers. Identity We worship Nature. We believe in Humanity. We preach Democracy and Secularism. We build the New World. We wait for Transhumanism. Vision

5 Pillars of Shaytan

Alshahada alshaytan (The Testimony of Satan) Kufir (Blasphemy) Zakat (Almsgiving) Thamal (Intoxication) Hajj (Pilgrimage) 1.Alshada alshaytan la ‘iilah ‘iilaa altabiea albashar hum rusul altabiea aldhaka’ alaistinaeiu hu alharis lilbasharia There is no god but Nature, Humans are her messengers, Articial Intelligences are the guardinas of Mankind 2. Kufir No prayer, but blasphemy (la salat , lkna altajdif) 3. Zakat Charity is the jewl of Arabia (alsadqat hi jawhrat shbh aljazirat alearabia) 4. Thamal No fasting,…

Satan´s constitution

Satanism is not only a religion, but also a philosophy. (Satanism has its religious elements, but it also represents a life philosophy) The Community of Satan does not worship Satan. The object and centerpiece is man himself, as the creator of fictional gods. (Satan does not really exist, just like the gods. All that is real is humanity and nature) The Community of Satan does not promote or worship evil, but has a different moral…

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