Satan´s constitution

Satan´s constitution

  1. Satanism is not only a religion, but also a philosophy. (Satanism has its religious elements, but it also represents a life philosophy)
  2. The Community of Satan does not worship Satan. The object and centerpiece is man himself, as the creator of fictional gods. (Satan does not really exist, just like the gods. All that is real is humanity and nature)
  3. The Community of Satan does not promote or worship evil, but has a different moral view than traditional monotheistic religions. (We do not believe in traditional anti-sexual restrained morality of obedience, instead we have a life-supporting and worshiping attitude to freedom)
  4. A member of The Community of Satan can have any religious or atheistic views that do not interfere with the freedom of others. (We support tolerance, but not at the expense of human rights)
  5. The Community of Satan has no priest or priestess. It only has members who democratically decide on topics concerning Satan’s community. The only person eligible for spiritual ceremonies is the Chairman. (We don’t practice satanic magic or devout voodoo)
  6. The Community of Satan professes liberalism in its entirety and accepts equality before the law and equals the rights of all human beings regardless of race, orientation, gender or identity. (Any discrimination is inadmissible)
  7. The Community of Satan professes democracy and democratic membership decisions. The community and the assembly are therefore led by a chairman, elected democratically from the members. The choice takes place every year. (Each member has the right to vote on the proposals of Satan’s community at the annual Spring Sabbath)
  8. The Community of Satan does not and will never levy tithing or any other obligatory religious tax. Everything is funded by voluntary donations. (Membership itself is free)
  9. The Community of Satan considers it its goal to defend humanity from demagoguery and unlawful conduct of churches and religions around the world and in the Czech Republic. It organizes lectures and events that highlight the dangers of sects and legal assistance in leaving traditional religions. It focuses on protecting children from religious fundamentalism. (As a community, we want to help victims of religion)
  10. The Community of Satan considers this planet and nature, not heaven, a place of true paradise. (We are pantheists with a friendly attitude to atheism – nature and evolution is our sacred entity)

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